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Dental Restorations
Dental Restorations

It's important to catch tooth decay early, so your tooth can be saved. Minimal decay can often be repaired. But delaying treatment may cause extensive decay to your teeth – requiring an extraction.

Evergreen Dental is your source for general dental restoration in Dartmouth. We'll recommend treatment based on how severely your teeth have been damaged by the decay. Your Dartmouth dentist believes in working closely with patients on their oral care, so, at Evergreen Dental, we will always discuss your options with you before proceeding with treatment.

Dr. Paul Bonazza and his team have many years of experience following general restoration procedures:


A filling is a material used to restore tooth structure. You may need a filling if your tooth is decayed, worn, cracked or broken. At Evergreen Dental, we offer metal-free restorations and ensure that your fillings match the natural colour. We work hard to make sure that your fillings look natural and beautiful. A filling can usually be done in one visit.


Crowns, or "caps" as they are sometime called, are the strongest and most cosmetically advanced restorations, particularly porcelain crowns. Often required for teeth that have broken-down fillings, chips or discolouration, crowns will prevent splitting of the tooth. We use iTero technology to capture images of the whole tooth, and create a highly-accurate restoration in far less time. Instead of sitting through uncomfortable impressions, we use the digital iTero wand to quickly scan your teeth.

Root canals

A root canal is a procedure to treat painful, infected or dead teeth and prevent further infection. An infection in the pulp of a tooth cannot heal on its own and will likely result in an abscess. Root canal treatment removes any infection from the canals in your tooth. Although meticulous, this process is often completed in one visit and requires only local freezing.


A dental bridge is essentially a single or string of false teeth. The false teeth are permanently attached to adjacent teeth to fill in the empty space left by one of more missing teeth. Unlike dentures, which must be removed and cleaned every day, crowns and bridges are cemented into place in your mouth. A bridge is often the best treatment when the supporting teeth have large fillings, as the bridge will cover and strengthen these teeth.


Dental implants are the most ideal and longest term solution if a patient is missing one or more teeth. The staff at Evergreen Dental is trained to perform various implant procedures, including single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, dentures, and denture attachments.

Check out our implants section to learn more. Or drop by our office at your convenience to see models demonstrating the strong denture retention that results from these implant attachments.

If you need more information about Dental Restorations in Dartmouth, contact us today.

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